We are

What is Kodkollektivet?

Kodkollektivet consists of a group of students with a great interest in programming, computer networking and tons of other IT and business related topics.

We started in the summer of 2015 with tons of ideas that we since then have been trying out, refined and most importantly learned a great deal from in terms of cooperation, planning and focus. With all of this Kodkollektivet is now taking the shape of a student organization at Linnaeus University. Focus has shifted slightly from project development and code meetups to more of a social platform where students and local businesses can find, meet and get to know each other through events and activities such as theme-nights, hackathons, workshops, study visits, guest lectures and more. As a result of this students at Linnaeus University are provided with a place to find other students with a shared or similar interest, while at the same time giving companies in the Vaxjo area the opportunity to get a head start with potential employees.

Student, do you have what it takes?

Absolutely! No previous experience or particular skills are required to take part of Kodkollektivet. We welcome anyone who wants to learn, share, improve their resume or just want to make more friends with similar interests! Kodkollektivet puts no requirements on you as a student, but is rather a provider of opportunities. You are free to decide for yourself how much you would like to participate and how much time you want to put into the activities and events we host.

Employers, come and meet the future!

The university students of today are the very people who will be urging new thoughts and ideas in tomorrows businesses. Through Kodkollektivet is the possibility to meet these students in a social, comfortable environment without prestige. Kodkollektivet is always open to any type of suggestions from you as a company, in regards of ideas for events and activities.