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Code Hub Meetup! #11

Date: Oct. 24, 2017

Time: 18:00

Hey all! Next Code Hub is coming!

This time it is about React Native! Ahmadreza Vakil is going to give you a talk about this framework which is the new big thing for building Native apps. This framework is from Facebook and Instagram and has skyrocketed in usage so probably your next employer might use this!

As always there will be FREE FIKA! and this time its sponsored by a company in Kalmar that uses React, Infomaker!

We will also change room (But still in D-building) this time so more information about this later.

General info

Kodkollektivet hosts the Code Hub event for students every two weeks. You are invited to mingle with other students and listen to someone giving a speech or even present an interesting topic yourself. You also get the chance to bring your school assignment questions and we'll take a look at them together.