We are


Members of Kodkollektivet can get together and create projects. Below is a list of the projects that we have in our GitHub organization. If you wanna make a project within the Kodkollektivet organization you are very welcome. Just hit us up on Slack or email and we help you setting up a repo!


Services and applications

We encurage members to set up services or creating applications. If you have something that you wanna have in the list, just hit us up on Slack or by email. If you have a project that you wanna host under https://api.kodkollektivet.se/YOUR_PROJECT_NAME we could help out with that!

Unitime API

UniTime API is a JSON Rest API for getting data related to courses and lectures on LNU Växjö. By some simple requests you can get the schedule data for a specific course. Check it out on: https://api.kodkollektivet.se/docs/